Fester’s Quest

Alright, time for a confession, I love Fester’s Quest.

Fester's Quest (NES)

Developed and published by Sunsoft in 1989 and based on the classic 1960s television series The Addams Family, Fester’s Quest is a game that defined “Nintendo Hard” with Uncle Fester’s elephant gun being initially very weak and Fester himself moving very slow. That said, there was just something charming about the opening scene and the remixed version of the classic Addams Family theme music.

Fester’s Quest makes use of Blaster Master’s overhead shooter engine, while entering some buildings (mostly boss buildings) switches play to a first person dungeon crawl style like is found in the Wizardry games and requires the player to traverse a maze (and usually a boss battle) to find the way out. Other houses contain Addams Family members Thing, Wednesday, Morticia, Grandmama, and Pugsley (Gomez having been abducted by the Aliens attacking the city), all of whom help out by giving you different weapons and items such as lightbulbs (used to light the sewers) and vice grips (used to remove the paralizing effects of some aliens attacks). Lurch also makes an appearance if you use a noose, giving his traditional “you rang?” greeting before sweeping the screen clean of enemies. The engine isn’t the only thing this game borrows from Blaster Master, the most common type of enemy is based on Fred, the mutated frog boss from that game.

We don't need no stinkin' flashlights!

This game is given way too much grief, grab a Nintendo Max (or other turbo button controller), farm the alien flowers that grow in the opening area, and one of the major difficulties of the game is solved. For the problem of low life, you can buy hotdogs at the many stands scattered over the over world that will restore your depleted energy, drink one of the Healing Potions you start to receive in later levels, defeat a boss, or if you really need the extra energy, in the first area, prior to the Sewer that takes you to the first boss, there is a large white Building that, upon entering, has you moving about in 1st-Person Perspective. Take the first left inside, then left again and walk until you come to a wall. Continue through the wall into the hidden room. When you enter this hidden Room, Fester gains another bar of Health.

Mansion comes with cobwebs, man-eating plants, and torture chamber. You provide the kooky family.

A few codes and secrets to help you enterprising players who want to give Fester’s Quest a try:

Extra Lives: At the beginning of the game press UP, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, UP, and A.

Beat Bosses Instantly: You must have a key to do this trick. Once you reach a boss, press start and select the key. From the middle of the screen, walk left and down and rapidly press ‘A’. It will say ”Thing gives you Invisible Potion. Press start and you’ll be at a scrambled screen. Wait a moment and you’ll be at the staircase for the next area. Just DO NOT do this on the final boss, or the game will freeze.

For those of you who still have a Game Genie, here’s a code: AYIPOG This will grant you Infinite health.

Party Time!

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