Marvel Super Hero Squad VideoGame

Super Hero Squad

My four-year-old was not a big fan of Super Hero Squad at the time we bought this, but he is a big spiderman fan. We’d watched the show a few times, and judging from the art and humor I’d guess they’re aimed at a preschool audience. The videogame, however, while using the same art and humor, is rated E10+.

Out of the box, the gameplay was too difficult (and this is a boy who plays Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Brothers Brawl). There are two modes, a multiplayer fight mode and a one to two player adventure mode. Battle mode he can handle fine, Adventure mode is too hard in spots even for his eight-year-old sister.

Another problem is that the game uses a two player co-operative buddy system for the adventure mode, but if one player tries to go on ahead through a difficult section, say jumping across lava or toxic waste on platforms that move and sink, at a certain distance the game will just jump the buddy forward to catch up – even if that means instant death.

Spiderman is an unlockable character only. There’s a special edition with the black suited spiderman on the box (from walmart) where spidey can be unlocked with a code. Everyone else has to unlock spiderman by finding all the special tokens in the levels in adventure mode. Someone has to complete the game to unlock him, basically.

It’s a very cheap trick to try to increase replayability and I find it extremely frustrating given the difficulty. Mom and Dad should not have to complete a kids game in order for the kids to be able to play the character they want.

Oh, and good going Marvel & THQ. I just love that in this game your cutesy, chibified Incredible Hulk pronounces green an unfit color for food while he’s staring at broccoli, opting instead to “scream for ice cream.” Thanks so much.

Otherwise, it’s a fairly average game.

He enjoys playing the video game occasionally, but he’d rather be playing Super Smash Brothers Brawl, at least until we finish unlocking spiderman.

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