Best Game Console for Christmas 2014

PS4Without any new big brand releases in the console market this year, savvy gamers are looking to the existing consoles, comparing their features and their game libraries in deciding what game hardware to add to their living rooms this Christmas.

This summer’s video game expos saw new features and new games announced for the major brands, which offer us some excitement for the holiday season.  However, they won’t change the landscape terribly much from last year.  Of greater consideration, in this scenario, is which consoles are selling strongly and continuing to draw exciting new games.

As a gamer, and a mom, I have my own thoughts on which consoles are strongest this year.  I’ll break that down for you, quick and simple, before you head out Black Friday or commit to this large of a purchase for your family.

First and foremost, the PlayStation 4 is the clear winner for adult gamers and households with older kids and teens.It offers the best gaming experience, with the features gamers want, with thrilling upcoming new games and exclusives.  With two adult gamers in the house, and two children aged 9 and 13, this is the right console for us.

The best console for kids, or families with kids in a range of ages, is the Wii U, with its library of bright, family friendly titles.  There you’ll find all the Disney, Mario, and Zelda games kids’ hearts desire.  My 5, 7, and 9 year olds get the most play out of this one, though I find more than a few titles I enjoy, as well.

2ds 3DS for Girls

Finally, in handheld gaming systems, nothing beats the 3DS and its more kid-friendly sibling, the 2DS.  They play the same games, but with different feel, look, and function.

The most important difference – other than price – is that the 3D function of the 3DS is not recommended for kids under seven.  The 2DS doesn’t have 3D, costs less, and has a chunkier, sturdier design.

However, if you have several kids in a range of ages, like I do, and want them to share a 3DS, don’t worry – you can turn off the 3D function at will.

The library of games the 2DS and 3DS share is wonderful – hundreds of great choices are rated E, for Everyone, meaning they are appropriate for families and children.  That’s several times more family-friendly games than any other console currently on the market.

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