Best Game Console For Kids Christmas 2013

nintendo 2dsYesterday, Nintendo announced their new 2DS system.  This promptly changed my family Christmas wishlist significantly.  Rather than planning to get my kids one 3DS to share, I’m now thinking they each need their own 2DS – and right there I saw the brilliance in this Nintendo release.

For those of us who have been around video gaming for a while, the 2DS calls to mind happy childhood hours whiled away on the old gameboy machines – only so much better, this time around.  You can actually see the game without huddling near a light.

With three kids ages 7 and below, the 3D aspect was not a selling point for me for the 3DS.  It’s simply not recommended for kids under the age of seven.  And while we could turn off the 3D, I love that now I can get a system with all the great points of the 3DS without the aspect we wouldn’t use, at a lower price.

I also love that the 2DS offers the utility of running both the DS and 3DS libraries of games, which are splendid, in a fun new handheld designed for ease of use for the entry level gamer.  The kids can all game together thanks to the wireless connectivity, and the parental controls are the icing on the cake.  This is it – the perfect game system for the kids this Christmas.

For parents shopping for a game console to go in the living room, the Wii U has good games for families with kids of a variety of ages, though it doesn’t rival the Wii’s  library of games for the youngest players.

For my twelve-year-old daughter, as well as her father and myself, we’re picking up a Playstation 4. It won us over at its announcement, offering the cooler features and hottest games we all expect from a next gen console, without the anti-consumer elements that Microsoft initially planned for their Xbox One.  The PS4 has a lower suggested retail price than the One, doesn’t require frequent connection, and does not have restrictions against playing used games.  All of these are important points to me.

As far as PS4 games go, you can check out what’s available and what is coming here: PS4 Games.

So, there you have my recommendations: for families with younger kids, the 2DS.  For older kids, the 3DS.  And for your living room, the PS4.

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