Hottest New Video Games for Christmas 2014

Dragon Age InquisitionThese are the video games and bundles my family is looking forward to most this Christmas. Our most anticipated and best games of the year list covers most consoles, and a variety of ages, because we’re a multi-console gaming family.  We maintain this list in the hopes that it helps you save time and delight your family this holiday season.

The hot games of 2014 include a dark fantasy from Bioware, a trip to Middle Earth, sequels to some groundbreaking games, and customary yearly offerings in popular franchises.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the top games to get for RPG players this year, as it follows up on what made Dragon Age: Origins a masterpiece, much better than the second, Dragon Age II did.  Strategy and a deep, world-changing story are back.  And yet it keeps some of the things players found an improvement in DA2, like faster, flashier play.

In Inquisition, you play a survivor of a cataclysmic event, who is then charged to help put the world back together as the Templar and Mage war rages, and rifts in the veil unleash demons into the world.

Gamers looking to pick up the Xbox One will want to check out the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Unity Bundle, which offers a free download of both Assassin’s Creed: Unity and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, at a price comparable to non-bundle Xbox Ones.  You get the 500GB Console, a headset, a wireless controller, and the Xbox One power supply cable in this bundle.

Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor attracted attention right from its announcement, with an exciting story line in an open world.  As Talion, the last ranger watching over Mordor, you lose everything; even your life.  But you awaken, to set out on a quest for vengeance.

Shadows of Mordor has drawn many comparisons to the Assassin’s Creed and Batman Arkham franchises for its gameplay.  Slick gameplay and the ability of gamers to affect the world in noticeable ways has earned this game glowing reviews.  If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, you’ll enjoy Shadows of Mordor quite a lot, but it’s not necessary to know the movies or books to have a blast.

If you have a sports fan in the house, check out the new Madden NFL 15, or FIFA 15 (Soccer).  These two well-established, respected franchises have achieved best-seller status with their new entries this year, so you know they deliver what sports game fans want.

For Wii U and 3DS, Super Smash Bros is the game to get.  It’s a Nintendo fighting game, with characters from across many games available to pit against each other.  My oldest boy is a HUGE Smash Bros Brawl fan, so we had to pick this one up for him.  We haven’t bought any of the popular new Amiibo figures, but they work with this game, as well, if your kids have been asking for them.

Pokemon Omega Ruby is the other game to get for the 3DS this year.  By now you probably know the story – many of us grew up with it – you’re a Pokemon trainer, on a quest to be the best and catch them all.  Omega Ruby is a remastered, re-imagined version of Pokemon Ruby, which released way back in 2003 for the GameBoy advance.  Omega Ruby offers new, Mega Evolutions, new characters, and new stories, so even if your Pokemon fan played the 2003 Ruby, it’s worth picking up.

What’s at the top of your gamer’s wishlist this year?

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