Chroma Squad Actors Guide


Chroma Squad is a tactical role-playing game developed by Brazilian development team Behold Studios and released on April 30, 2015 for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and scheduled to be released in early 2017 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, iOS, and Android mobile devices (being published by Bandai Namco).

Players take on the role of a group of stunt people tired of the abuse they suffer at the hands of their director. They quit and start up a tokusatsu studio to film their own “Sentai” superhero show.

After a brief tutorial you get to select these five characters from a rather extensive list of potential actors. You get to choose one for each class (which I will touch on below). The actors have their own benefits and drawbacks, as well as a salary they expect to be paid each episode.

The five classes available in Chroma Squad are:

Assist: specializes in healing. +20% Skill Regen. Special weapon is a bow.
Techie: Specializes in long range combat and skill use. Gains Skill Regen when he uses any skill. Special weapon is a Rifle.
Lead: Specializes in drawing aggro. +50% Health. Special weapon is a Spear.
Assault: Specializes in melee combat and helping move other party members. +30% Attack. Special weapon is an Axe.
Scout: Specializes in movement and stunning. +1 Movement. Special weapon is a Dagger.

Below we will look at each actor and how they might fit best into your own Squad.


Alert Johansen

Recommended Class(es): Assist, Techie, Scout
Alert Johansen’s +1 Fan Conversion rating is very useful, as converting audience into fans is key to successfully completing the game, while her +6 Skill Regen makes her very well suited to the skill based classes.



Recommended Class(es): Assist, Techie

The Alien’s +10 Skill Regen is useful, but the -30% Health makes the frontline classes off limits. Could be used as the Assist or Techie squad member, but it’s a sub-optimal choice due to how fragile he is.



Recommended Class(es): Lead, Scout

Antitonic’s bonuses to Dodge and Health are extremely useful for the melee classes, but the penalty to Movement hurts. By making him the Scout, you effectively turn it into a second assault class. His skill bonuses make him a decent choice as Lead as well.


Ashley Smith

Recommended Class(es): Lead

Ashley makes a sub-optimal Lead, but her skills don’t recommend her for any other class. Her +30% Sword Damage doesn’t make up for her -20% Health (+30% as a Lead), especially in later seasons where you’ll want to use most classes’ special weapons.



Recommended Class(es): Lead, Assault

Asimobot makes for a great Lead (+80% Health is nothing to sneeze at) and an acceptable Assault. His +10 Crafting Quality Rate is a useful utility skill to have. He is one of the most expensive actors though.


Dude Lee

Recommended Class(es): Techie

Dude Lee is an acceptable choice for Techie. His -20% health is mitigated by the fact that the class is a long range combatant and his Skill Regen and Critical bonus synergies well with the class.


Evan Tyson

Recommended Class(es): Assault

“Iron” Evan Tyson makes a pretty good Assault. While his Movement penalty hurts, his bonus to Acrobatics Range lets your Squad’s Lead and Scout get deep behind enemy lines, and +60% Attack means he rarely misses.


Gus Fune

Recommended Class(es): Lead, Assault, Scout

Gus makes a good Assault and decent Lead or Scout. As an Assault or Lead, his bonuses to attack are worth noting (like Tyson above), while as a Scout the class bonus negates his penalty.


J Blues

Recommended Class(es): Lead, Scout

Blues makes a good Lead or Scout. His bonuses synergize well with either class, with Skill Regen granting more uses of class skills to boot. One of the three most expensive actors, however.


Mao Shinmei

Recommended Class(es): Techie, Lead, Assault, Scout

Mao is a good all around actor, useful in almost every class.


May Yeerum

Recommended Class(es): Lead, Assault, Scout

May makes a great melee fighter. Her bonus to Counter and the penalties she inflicts against enemy Dodge and Counter on attacks insure she is more likely to hit rather than be hit.


Michael Florian

Recommended Class(es): Assist

Despite his bio, Michael is unfortunately a mediocre Assist at best. His Skill Regen and Shop Discount bonuses don’t make up for his -15% Attack and being one of three most expensive actors. Use him in your Squad only if you want to give yourself a challenge.



Recommended Class(es): Lead, Assault, Scout

Michonne makes a good melee fighter, and her bonuses make her an especially good Lead.


Mr. Beaver

Recommended Class(es): Lead

Beeves makes a good Lead, and his +10 Item drop Rate will never not be useful. Plus, he’s a talking Beaver!


Ryo Yoshi

Recommended Class(es): Assist

Ryo makes for a decent Assist character. While he gets a penalty to Weapon Attack, his bonus to Movement lets him get into position to throw Healing abilities on Squadmates and move out of melee range.



Recommended Class(es): Assist, Techie

Telemelia’s penalties to Dodge and Counter make him unsuited for the melee focused classes, while his single advantege, +15% Mecha Health, is limited in it’s usefulness. He could be useful at higher difficulty settings, but his penalties will make keeping him alive very hard.


Von Andy

Recommended Class(es): Assault, Techie

Von Andy has two big upsides, he’s the cheapest actor in the game with a Salary of $12 per episode, and he provides a great +15% Audience per episode. A tricky character to use effectively, he can make for a subpar Assault or be built into a decent Techie character, the former masking his Attack penalty with the class bonus, the latter initially ignoring his penalties in favor of keeping distance and using ranged attacks and skills.


Weasley Stripes

Recommended Class(es): Lead, Techie

The Demolition Man suffers the same difficulties as Ashley above, but lacks the Health penalty. He could be made into a subpar Lead, thanks to his health bonus, or a Pistol specializing Techie (though the Techie’s Rifle is generally going to be better than the equivalent Pistol).

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