Quick Dragon Age 2 Conversation Icon Guide

The general theme of your character’s conversational responses in Dragon Age 2 will affect the tone of voice and personality of your character, though choosing other types of choices often enough will swing it the other way again, so nothing is set in stone. If you’re wondering what those icons mean as you play the demo or get your hands on the full game, here’s a quick list:

Broken heart – rejects or ends romance
Checkmark – accepts the offer
Clenched fist – aggressive response
Crossed swords – initiates combat
Diamond – Charming response
Gavel/hammer – direct, blunt response
Halo over wings – helpful/kind
Head silhouette – calls on companion to allow them to respond
Heart – flirty response
Laughing facemask – Joker, humorous response
Olive Branch/leafy branch – Diplomatic response
X – Rejects the offer

Rarer Icons:
Falling Coins – Bribe, pay, or extort response.
Fingers crossed – Lie
Questionmark – Investigate, ask questions to learn more about something
Star Unique choice with unusual or special outcome

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