Free Neopoints and Items

Neopets is a popular, long-running virtual pet game.  Caring for your pet takes Neopoints and items, though, which can be difficult to find, starting out.  If you know the right places to visit, however, even the newest account can find free Neopoints, items, healing, and food for their pet. That’s why I compiled this quick little list. But be aware that if your account is brand new, some of these Neopian sites will not work for you until your account ages a certain period of time (24 hours to 30 days, depending on the site).


2000 Np and Free Food – Monthly gift from the Neopets Team.

Collect interest daily if you have a bank account.

Coltzan’s Shrine – chance to win every twelve hours.

The Deserted Tomb – daily chance to find the treasure.  *Chance to decrease pet’s hit points.  See Healing Faerie to recover.

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity – daily chance for NP or toys.

Giant Omelette – free food, once daily.

Giant Jelly – free food, once daily.

The Fruit Machine – daily chance to win.

The Healing Springs – every half hour.  The Healing Faerie gives snowballs, healing potions, and sometimes feeds your pet or heals it.  Heals can range from a few hit points to complete cure of even rare diseases.

Lunar Temple – daily.  Pick the phase, win a prize.

Meteor Crash Site 725-XZ – daily chance for items.

Qasalan Expellibox – daily chance to win. *Chance to afflict pet with a disease.  See Healing Faerie for cure.

Snowager – Sneak in to raid his treasure hoard while he sleeps.  He naps from 6-7 am NST, 2-3 pm NST, and 10-11 pm NST.  (NST = Neopian Standard Time, which is also Pacific Time).  *Chance to decrease your pet’s hit points.

Tombola – daily chance to win.

Weltrude’s Toychest – daily chance for food, toys, books, or NP.

Underwater Fishing – every twelve hours or so.

Holiday gifts from Neopets:

The following Trick or Treat spots are active on Oct. 31, giving a trick or treat bag with random Halloween goodies inside:

Culinary Concoctions
Darigan’s Chambers
The Island Mystic
Jhudora’s Cloud
Kreludan Mining Corp.
Spooky Scratch Card Kiosk
Smuggler’s Cove
The Village

Advent Calendar gives daily gifts and neopoints the entire month of December.