Free Stuff for The Elder Scrolls: Legends


As a free game to begin with, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is quick and easy for a frugal gamer to get into. But as you advance through the tutorial story, unlocking your first decks along the way, you soon find you want… MORE. More decks. More cards. More ability to craft your own cards using shards. And, finally, when the initial story is done, even more story to play.

That’s where Bethesda makes their money, of course, and well earned it is, too. But that’s not the only option they give us. As you might have heard, watching twitch streams featuring Legends can reward players with coins, shards, and cards. Activating those drops is a little bit fiddly, so here’s how:

First, you need both a account and a account, which are free to create. Then you need to link the two at by going to the Linked Accounts page under Account Settings. Once that’s done, simply visit the Elder Scrolls: Legends game page on twitch and watch your favorite streamers (or try out some new ones).

Randomly, as you’re watching TESLegends streamers on you’ll get a drop notification in whisper. It’ll tell you to log in to the game to redeem your prize, which is a tad confusing at first but start up the game and it will happen automatically. I’m playing on PC through steam, so YMMV.

Here’s something else I’ve learned:

Random drops aren’t the only way a frugal gamer can access the paid content for free, but you will need patience. The Dark Brotherhood maps can be purchased for in-game currency, which is earned by wins and leveling up.

The premium decks also have a price in in-game coin. And, as the matches behind the “Play” portal are free, as many as you want, even the casual games, all you need is patience combined with enough skill to win.

Cards are a prize for clearing maps in story mode, and also for winning and leveling. You’ll want to be certain to complete the tutorial story line to unlock several beginning decks.

After you complete the Dark Brotherhood maps the first time, go back through on master difficulty to earn a few shards per map. Those shards are useful for building cards you don’t have, after all – particularly those tasty legendaries.

Though, if you’re in a hurry,  you could certainly buy out the premium store. The Dark Brotherhood maps are definitely worth it. I love Aela’s and Brynjolf’s decks, as well as the Dragons. Absolutely would buy again.

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