A Look At Free Realms

About Free Realms

Have you checked it out yet? Here’s what they say about it:

“Free Realms is a free 3D virtual world where you can do whatever you want, whenever you want! Jump in straight from your web browser! Once you create your character, you’ll be in and playing in just a few minutes.

Decorate your house, then invite your friends over for a party! Teach your pet a new trick or dress them up in a sweet costume! Battle enemies as you search for lost treasure or duel other players, mine for gold, cook up a meal, or race your car! When you’re ready for a different kind of challenge, play a wide variety of fun minigames, jump into the trading card game or check up with your friends on your profile page. Free Realms is the place to join up with your friends to discover, explore, compete, chat, share achievements and just have fun!”

Is it really that easy? Yes, it is! Do they deliver the game they promise? In my opinion, they’re not quite there yet. They’re going with a free-to-play, subscribe for more content, cash shop blended model but are crippling the game for the free players in its execution. Imported MMOs do this much better, giving us a whole game and making us WANT to pay for the extras or bonuses. SOE hasn’t quite mastered that, trying to get us to pay for fundamental elements of the game.

Here are some basics if you want to see for yourself:

What do we get with a free account?

One character.

Access to some quests.

An apartment.

Adventurer and Card Duelist jobs.

Access to all other jobs up to level 5. (To advance further, and continue to access the combat, mini-games and job-specific quests, you have to become a paying member).

What do we get with a subscriber account?

You get two more character slots, for a total of three.

400 additional items and quests.

Access to all jobs at all levels.

A house as well as the apartment.

What is Station Cash used for?


All pets you see in the in-game adoption centers take station cash to buy.


All potions are purchase only.

You can also buy virtual cards for the TCG/ Card Duelist job, special weapons, karts, foods, accessories, and clothes.

Leveling Jobs in Free Realms

Most jobs level quickly if you complete the trainers’ quests and follow their advice about who to see next, as they usually send you on to the next trainer with the next set of quests for you. Some will need extra leveling, but all you need to do then is make a few more of whatever recipes you have for the crafting jobs, practice your skills in an instance for the combat jobs, intuitive activities like this. A few of them are more freestyle. For a listing of trainers, by job, check the Zam job guides. For a more in-depth walk-through, check the Brasse guides.

About Free Realms Pets

The only free pet I know of is a promotional item that comes with the purchase of a deck of the trading cards. This is an actual deck from the store, not the virtual deck. All the other pets will cost you real-world cash. You can see pictures of the pets and where they’re available in the Brasse pet guide.

The only other way to have a “free” pet is to borrow one temporarily from the adoption center, and play with it until the time limit is up. After the time limit ends, you have to wait a set amount of time before you can borrow again. If you don’t have a lot of time to play, or don’t mind the time limits, this might be enough.

Changing Your Clothing

First, switch to the job you want to change clothes for. To do this, look next to the picture of your avatar in the upper left of the screen. Use the arrow icons on either side of the job icon to flip through your jobs to find the one you want. Your avatar will change as the jobs do. For the clothes you chose when you designed your avatar, that’s the Adventurer job.

Once the job is selected, click on the framed picture of your avatar on the lower left of the screen. In the window that pops up, you can change the default clothing for whichever items you have in your backpack, simply by clicking on the item you want to change into.

You can buy new clothes to replace your adventurer clothing from vendors in Sanctuary, which is north on the road from where the game starts you after you leave the tutorial area. You won’t need to purchase gear for your other jobs when you first start out, each job gives you starting gear when you take it, and the training quests will give you upgraded gear. You will have to manually equip that upgraded gear, however.

Free Realms Free Items!

Free Clothes, Food, Weapons, Gear, and more

Become a Free Realms Fan on Facebook and keep up with their news page for free goody codes. Here are a few you might have missed:

* FACEBOOKFANS01 – Veggie Surprise

* FACEBOOKFANS02 – Froggy Fries

* FACEBOOKFANS03 – Goat Cheese

* FACEBOOKFANS04 – Shadowblade

* FACEBOOKFANS05 – Dynamite

* FACEBOOKFANS06 – Checker Charged Helmet

* ROBGOBLINBOOTY – Robgoblin T-Shirt

* FROGGY – Froggy Fries

* SANDWICH – Small Sandwich

* SKELETAL – Skeletal Speed Helmet

* STRAWBERRIES – Strawberry Surge Helmet

* DRINKMILK – Bull-Horn Ninja Cowl

* MILKROCKS – Cow Spot Apron


* MMMDONUT – Heavenly Donut

* BERRYCUPCAKE – Berry Cupcake

* GETSPOOKY – Robgoblin Costume

* SNOWDAYS – Animated Snowman

* BARKBARK – Bark Chocolate

* FLYINGDRAGON – Flying Dragon Cowl

* POPSICLE – Triple Layer Popsicle

* KN78CH2 – Striped Shoes

* JFRE87J – Dog’s Bowling Shirt

* CMNJGGE – Spider Snack

* N4PF9R3 – Crystal Hammer

* 6TNBTGH – Charcoal Bermuda Shorts

* MPT38B3 – Layered Skirt

* PXNH6HB – Spook Sphere

* XCZG923 – Baseball cap

* T86766R – Chatdy Baseball Cap

* CP24C5N – Race Away Jacket

* 3G9MKT2 – Green Stripe T-Shirt

* F7KPG5A – Chatdy Shirt

* DXNMJH9 – Kitty Jeweled Collar

* GMBZZ24B – Free TCG Booster. (You’ll find this in your trading card collection window.)

* 6FG8ZT7 – Crash Crunch Helmet

* EMD73DK – Jagged Scythe

* G3TACPCH – Wild Winger Shin Guards

* K9KCECXM3EK – Treeble Mask

Free Realms Guides, and the Official Site Link
Here are some good FreeRealms guides to help you along.

Free Realms
The Official Site.

The Brasse Free Realms Guides
This group has put together some excellent guides for the game. They even have pictures of pets and the price range listed in their pet guide. Check them out if you need help.

ZAM – A Free Realms Community
Another group putting together a lot of very helpful guides for the game.

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