Neopets Tips and Tricks

Bag of NeopointsHow to Earn Neopoints

Play games

Neopets has a large game room with many different games to play. Most of these allow you to submit your score three times a day to receive neopoints. In this way, a casual player can make enough neopoints to keep their pets comfortable and happy with just a couple of games they’re fairly good at, or a few they aren’t.

Sell virtual Neopets items

Neopets has a wide variety of virtual items for your pets. These can be worn by your pet, played with, used in battle, decorate your pet’s home, etc. They’re obtained by shopping in the virtual stores and auction, trading, or through freebies and giveaways. You can sell these virtual items in your own shop, by trade, or in auction, which can be an addiction all its own.

Opening your own shop is a good investment, and it doesn’t cost much to begin. On the other hand, selling in trades and auctions is free.

The auction system is automated so all you have to do is set your price and time limit and it does the rest. It’s very easy to use. Shops operate similarly in that you set your prices and don’t have to be present to sell, the item/cash exchange operates automatically. Trades, as one would expect, do require your approval to occur.

With trades, I suggest using the shopwizard to get an idea of average pricing, to be sure you aren’t underpaid. Some users offer a junk item in addition to neopoints as trade, and this junk item is a placeholder only, to allow them to offer neopoints for your item. But others will just offer junk and hope you’re inexperienced enough to take it.

One of my favorite tools on Neopets is the Shopwizard. You can find a link to him under “Shops” in the navigation menu. The shopwizard allows you to enter a search term and it returns a comparison of the lowest prices in Neopia from user shops. Refresh it a few times to be sure you’ve seen the whole range. If you search for something on the shop wiz and nobody else in Neopia seems to have one, it’s probably worth over 100K in Neopoints. Search for those items at the trading post and in auctions to get an idea of their true value.

The shop lists displayed by the shopwizard are grouped by the first letter of the owner’s username, a few letters together. It’s random which letter group is displayed in response to a search, and, as a result, you may notice that different price ranges develop among the different letter groups. This is why savvy advice guides recommend refreshing your search a few times for the best idea of what the true average price is for an item. At that point you can choose to price for the entire market (true average price) or your own username letter list. Either way will make you Neopoints, though in my opinion, pricing for the entire market is wiser, especially with higher ticket items.

Typically, the best pricing for your item is just slightly below the average price. On most common items, margins as low as just 1-5 points lower will still sell first to the next person looking for that item. Don’t worry about a few items you see marked way below the common range, those are usually snapped up so fast they won’t keep your item from selling. If you want to really get into reselling, buy up those extremely under-priced items yourself and mark them up in your shop.

If you specialize in a type of item, as I used to specialize in make-up (a common quest item) and Usuki dolls (a collectible), you’ll learn the typical range for these, and can actually price above the lowest shopwizard prices, knowing the price range will flow back up to that point during the day.

What To Do With Junk Items

Grab the daily freebies with any regularity and you’re sure to build up an inventory full of virtual junk.

That doesn’t mean it’s worthless, however.

If it’s edible, someone will buy it for cheap food, so that’s worth stocking in your shop for the lowest common price.

If it’s not edible, it has use as a placeholder in offering for an item in the trading post, or as an item to store in your safety deposit box to get one of the collectible avatars.

Know the average value, even if it’s only 1 neopoint, and you can bundle it together in a trade with other junk items and sell it or trade it away that way. As an example, I’d bundle 10 junks of roughly 1 neopoint value each in a single trade, and offer to swap them for any whole omelet. I knew that when an omelet was offered, even though the value was basically the same, I could sell it as a quicker sale than listing all that other junk in my shop (and listing a lot of 1 NP items is tedious). Sometimes you get higher value offers, but I was also always willing to take a handful of neopoints. I accumulated that much junk.

But when I was a dedicated trader, I’d buy junk bundles myself, for placeholders, so I knew there was a market for them.

Just be realistic about the value of the items and be willing to give people a deal, and even junk will trade okay.

Or, you can always donate it to the money tree or throw it out and be done with it.

toy_adventfishingpoleFishing Tips

How to Catch Fish and Raise Your Pet’s Fishing Level

You can only catch things every twelve hours or so. Some guides say the time is a random number between 8 – 24 hours. If you try again too soon you catch nothing and it tells you to wait longer.

Your pet’s fishing level increases as a random event while fishing.

A higher fishing level is desirable because it enables you to catch better items, but there’s really no cheat to it. Just fish daily and it will go up. If you take the time to change your active pets to let multiple pets fish, this will increase your chances of getting the fishing level increase on some pet, if not your main one, and that can add up to having a higher level pet to fish with.

neopets scratchcardScratchcard Tips

Seriously, the surest way to make money buying scratch cards is to re-sell them! When you choose to buy a scratch card at a scratch card kiosk, you’re given a random card from among that kiosk’s offerings. Some are very rare and others are common. Even the most common cards will usually earn you a few Neopoints if you resell them. The rarer cards will earn more; some are worth over 100k Neopoints.

The rarest scratchcards are Icetravaganza, Rotting Riches, and Sandtravaganza.

If you’ve bought a card at auction, trades, or in a player shop and are wondering how to scratch it, you take those to the scratch card kiosk. There you will be offered the option to scratch a card. Whether you’ll win or lose is determined as soon as you click to scratch it. Where you scratch the card doesn’t matter.

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