Quick Guide to Earning Gold in Atlantica Online

Typical of all MMOs, a common-sense way to get rich in Atlantica Online is:
  • pick up all your drops
  • sell the drops that aren’t worth much to the NPC merchants
  • sell the useful drops to other players
  • don’t buy anything you can get for free if you’re patient
  • don’t pay full price for something you can buy from another player at a discount

But Atlantica also offers an auction system that is free to use. Access it through the Market button in any town. The auction system allows you to easily check the going rates of items, and set your own prices accordingly. This also makes it easy to find any gear or items you need at the lowest price available at that moment.

You will have a limited number of auction slots available to use, which clear as something sells and you can restock. Like items are stacked, and players can buy any number out of the stack, they don’t have to take the whole thing. Some items will cost a fee to list, which you have to have enough money on hand to cover. The money you make from sales goes into your bank account (also accessible through a button in any town). You’re notified of sales through the messaging system, which works wherever you are, and even if you’re no longer in town.

Many items are permanent fixtures in the market, sold by the system and available in endless supply. These are marked, so it’s easy to see which ones they are. Don’t set your price higher than the system price unless you want to waste a market slot for some reason. (You’d be amazed how many people do this.)

Gold-making tips:

The town hospitals pay 10 gold for just about anything, so if a common material is less than that in the auction house, sell yours to the hospital. If you want to spend the time on it, you can even make gold off people who don’t bother to do this by buying up the materials they price at 1g or similar, too-low prices, in the market and then selling them to the hospital.

Compare the prices of the boxes you get as drops (containing armor, materials, etc), that you may not need so are considering selling, to the prices you’d get for the items if you opened them. I made a lot more gold selling rare or more desirable spellbooks by opening up all my book boxes than I would have if I’d just sold the boxes unopened. Other boxes can be similarly profitable, depending on how the market’s going.

It’s very common for rare or cash shop items to be given away to all logged-in players, for events and whatnot. When this happens, if it’s a trade-able item and one that you do plan to sell, don’t rush to the market with it and try to compete with everyone else to sell at the lowest possible price. Wait a bit until the price starts climbing up again, or has gone back to normal, and price it then.

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