Rune Factory 3 Relationship Guide

Rune Factory 3Like its predecessors in the Rune Factory and Harvest Moon series, RF3 enables your character to befriend villagers and court eligible girls. Getting to know the villagers results in more requests and the chance to learn more of their stories, so it adds a lot of depth to the game. Courting an eligible girl can lead to marriage and a family.

In fact, in RF3, your courtship is woven into the main story so deeply that it plays a part in finishing the storyline.

How to Raise Relationship Points in Rune Factory 3:

  • Talking
  • Gifts
  • Birthday presents
  • Smell nice
  • Win at festivals

In common with other HM and RF games, each character has items they love, like, and hate.  Giving loved items results in a boost of relationship points, while a liked items give a lesser boost, and a hated item subtracts points.  They make it easy to figure out what their liked items are, because they’ll tell you what they would rather have had when you give them a gift.  Birthdays are especially powerful days to give them a loved item.

A mechanic I haven’t seen before in the series is cologne.  Shara will give you a scent if you ask while she’s at the counter of her store.  Most bachelorettes have preferred scents, and will comment on it if you talk to her while wearing one.

Dating, Marriage, and Family:

After your relationship with a girl reaches 7 hearts, you can invite her out on a date.  Do this by inviting her to join your party during a conversation using the L or R button.  She’ll suggest a destination, but you can take her to any of the favored dating spots for a cutscene.  Those spots are: Privera: Flower Field, Oddward: Rainbow Falls, Sol Terrano: Star Dunes, Vale: Icy Rosebush.

To marry, you must have the girl to 10 hearts, have completed all her quests, and have united the town and the settlement.  You must also have upgraded your house to the double bed.  When these requirements are met, Marjorie and Wells will come to your house to give you the recipe to make an Engagement Ring.  The option to propose will pop up while on a date.

Your wife will announce her pregnancy about a month after marriage.  She will have the child within a month after the announcement.  You can choose the gender or leave it to chance.  There is one set appearance for boy children, and one for girls, so if you have more than one of a kind they will look the same.  There are different personalities for children, though.  You can have up to three kids.

Here’s a video showing the arrival of a second child:


Birthday: Winter 22
Likes: Fish, Seafoods
Loves: Seafood Doria, Seafood Gratin, Seafood Pizza
Hates: Pumpkin, anything containing Pumpkin
Favorite Colognes: Fish, Fiery Passion, Manliness, Sharance Spice

Birthday: Fall 21
Likes: Rice dishes
Loves: Curry Manju, Curry Rice, Curry Udon, Royal Curry, Ultimate Curry
Hates: Milk, and anything made with milk.
Favorite Colognes: Delicious Delight, Fiery Passion, Manliness, Sharance Spice, Sweetness

Birthday: Spring 24
Likes: Colored Grasses, Jam, Jam Bun, Poison Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Watering Can
Loves: Dried Sardines, Flavored Radish, Misu Eggplant
Hates: Accessories, Lobster, Shrimp
Favorite Colognes: Rainbow, Fiery Passion, Manliness, Sharance Spice, Strange Scent

Birthday: Winter 4
Likes: Gems (except diamonds)
Loves: All jewelry made with gems (except diamonds)
Hates: Diamonds, and any accessory containing diamonds
Favorite Colognes: Manliness, Sharance Spice, Sparkles, Worldly Traveler

Birthday: Winter 17
Likes: Sweets
Loves: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Hot Chocolate
Hates: Medicines and Medical Herbs
Favorite Colognes: Delicious Delight, Strange Scent, Sweetness

Birthday: Summer 17
Likes: Green vegetables
Loves: Dishes made with green vegetables
Hates: Tomatoes, or any dish made with Tomatoes.
Favorite Colognes: Fiery Passion, Magic Musk, Manliness, Sharance Spice

Birthday: Summer 6
Likes: Squid, fruit, uncooked fish
Loves: Squid dishes
Hates: Fish dishes, Fish Fossil
Favorite Cologne: Fish, Manliness, Strange Scent, Sharance Spice

Birthday: Spring 29
Likes: Crystals, Crystal Pendants, Charm Blues, Moondrops, Pink Cats, Toyherbs
Loves: Sun Pendant, Tear Pendant
Hates: Scrap Metal, Skull
Favorite Cologne: Floral Bouquet, Iron Forge, Manliness, Strange Scent

Birthday: Summer 25
Likes: Sashimi, Monster Drops
Loves: Boss Drops (like Raccoon Leaf), Charms
Hates: Eggs, Pudding
Favorite Colognes: Fish, Manliness, Sharance Spice, Sparkles, Worldly Traveler

Birthday: Spring 11
Likes: Flowers, vegetables, waterpots, weeds
Loves: Expensive flowers, top quality waterpots (Rainbow upgrade and above)
Hates: Withered Grass
Favorite Colognes: Flower, Sharance Spice

Birthday: Fall 7
Likes: All types of junk, like weeds, cans, boots, failed dishes, and scrap metal.
Loves: Super Fail, Rare Can
Hates: Cooking Powders (Curry Powder, Flour, Sweet Powder)
Favorite Cologne: Manliness, Scentless, Sharance Spice


Birthday: Fall 10
Likes: Sweets
Loves: Chocolate sweets (Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Hot Chocolate)
Hates: Failed Dishes
Favorite Scents: Delicious Delight, Sweetness

Birthday: Summer 3
Likes: Fish, Fish dishes, Sashimi
Loves: Snapper dishes
Hates: Recipe Bread
Favorite Scents: Fish

Birthday: Spring 21
Likes: Fish, Dressmaking Materials (String, Fur, etc)
Loves: Quality Fur, Yarn Ball
Hates: Mushrooms, Scrap Metal
Favorite Scents: Manliness, Scentless

Birthday: Summer 12
Likes: Ore
Loves: Udon dishes
Hates: Sashimi
Favorite Scents: Iron Forge, Strange Scent

Birthday: Spring 8
Likes: Baked Foods, Bamboo Shoots, Vegetables
Loves: Diamond, Diamond Ring
Hates: Summer Fish
Favorite Scents: Manliness, Maturity, Sharance Spice

Birthday: Winter 11
Likes: Colored Grasses
Loves: Relax Tea Leaves, Relax Tea
Hates: Cheese
Favorite Scents: The Bee’s Knees, Magic Musk, Manliness, Sharance Spice

Birthday: Spring 26
Likes: Flowers, Gemstones, Wooly Furball
Loves: Handknitted Accessories,Bracelets, Rings
Hates: Fish, Fish dishes
Favorite Scents: Floral Bouquet, Manliness, Sharance Spice, Sparkles, Sweetness

Birthday: Summer 30
Likes: Any Juice, Staves
Loves: Prelude to Love, Gold Juice
Hates: Crystals, Monster Drops
Favorite Scents: Magic Musk, Maturity, Sharance Spice, Strange Scent

Birthday: Fall 2
Likes: Sweets
Loves: Chocolate Cake
Hates: Vegetables
Favorite Scents: Girliness, Sweetness

Birthday: Summer 8
Likes: Cooked Dishes
Loves: Sand Fish Dishes
Hates: Ore
Favorite Scents: Delicious Delight, Girliness, Scentless, Sharance Spice, Sweetness

Birthday: Winter 26
Likes: Any Mushrooms
Loves: Sashimi
Hates: Fruit
Favorite Scents: Fish, Manliness, Maturity, Sharance Spice, Worldly Traveler

Birthday: Winter 19
Likes: Rice Balls, Fish dishes
Loves: Backscratcher, Dumplings, Expensive Flowers
Hates: Chocolate Cake, Hot Chocolate
Favorite Scents: The Bee’s Knees, Floral Bouquet, Girliness

Birthday: Fall 26
Likes: Udon, Curry Udon
Loves: Tempera Udon
Hates: Sweets
Favorite Scents: Fiery Passion, Iron Forge, Sharance Spice, Strange Scent

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