Rune Factory Frontier Relationships Guide

Like other Harvest Moon games, Rune Factory: Frontier has a dating sim component. If you intend your character to marry or be successful raising the love points of the eligible girls, knowing their likes and dislikes is key. However, this is not the only use for the relationship feature.

Raising relationship scores with some characters can lead to cutscenes that tell you more about the villagers and the town and can make your character’s life a little easier than it otherwise might have been. Sometimes it’s necessary, in order to open access to areas of the game and parts of the storyline. Most of the villagers have optional storylines you can unlock through friendship, and some of the festivals reward your friendship with them.

Here is what you need to know, listed with marriageable girls first, then the other villagers and visitors.

How to Raise Friendship and Love Points

The most-loved gift will get you the biggest boost in your friendship point score, the first time each day you give it. Gifts following that in the same day are still worth points, just not as many.

Talking to the character the first time in a day is also worth points. Don’t just talk to her once, though – increase your chances of finding out useful information or starting event chains by talking to characters repeatedly.

If you’re really in a rush you can talk to the character, give them a loved gift, then spam giving them small price follow-up gifts, like medicinal herbs.

Don’t forget birthdays! Give a loved gift on this day whenever you can.

Girls who like accessories will appreciate, and wear, your gifts. Be careful, though, there’s no reset for this. If you don’t like one, the best you can do to undo it is to give the girl something to wear in its place. You can gift them with swimsuits, as well, if they like you well enough. Selphy sells the recipe book.

If you’re focusing on Love Points, take note of the activity that gives you bonus love points with your chosen girl. Some are given the first time you do that activity each day, so if your choice has that type of bonus you’ll want to work that into your daily schedule.

Befriend Cinnamon. When you get the constellation viewing chain started with her, each new one you find gives you a love point boost with the corresponding girl.

Everybody loves a winner. Win festivals for boosts to fp and lp. If it’s a gift-giving festival, get bonus points for gifting to the eligible girls. All villagers like chatting with you on festival days.

Dating, Marriage, and Family

When you have a girl at 8+ LP, you can ask her out. For the following girls, however, there are additional requirements: for Mist, the storyline must be complete; the Irises must live in town; Anette’s chain of events must be concluded; Uzuki must not be feuding with Tsubute.

Each season has a specific date day: 13th of Spring, 19th of Summer, 19th of Autumn, 24th of Winter. Don’t stand her up, and don’t be late.

To Marry, you need:

– the bedroom house upgrade from Kross

– the bigger bed from Lute

-10 LP with your chosen girl

– to have completed the love events with your chosen girl

– a wedding bouquet, to propose.

To get the bouquet:

– need level 20 or higher in crafting

– need the recipe from Stella, which she will give after you the girl to 8 LP (possibly, depending on the girl? 10 LP)

– components: Moondrop Flower, Toy Herb Flower, Pink Cat Flower, Green Grass, Blue Rose. (To get Blue Rose: talk to Ganesha, and she’ll give you a white rose. Put it in the seed maker. Plant it. When it blooms, water it two more days, and it will turn blue.)

You can have a child, and choose the gender or leave it random. Lute will sell you a child’s bed and toy box. Children look the same regardless of your choice in wife.

There are three stages of growth before full grown: baby, crawling, and walking. At the crawling stage you can begin to raise fp with your child by talking. At the walking stage, you can gift. The child will follow you around town at this stage.

You can see the possible children in their different stages on this page.



Delivers the mail

Available after 3rd of Spring, appearance is automatic.

Birthday: 4th of Winter

Loves: Pumpkin tart, Croquette

Easiest like: milk or strawberry

Dislikes: Eggplant

Bonus LP: Meet her to get your mail.

Constellation Event: Buffamoo, Summer, around midnight.

General Schedule:

Weekdays: In the mornings she’s on her post route, starting with the South District, going through your homestead to the beach road, then into the church area, and ending in town. On Wednesdays and sunny Mondays, after her post route finishes she has lunch at Erik’s, or, in summer, goes to the beach.

Festivals: If not participating, she’s in town.

Bath times: Holidays, 7-8pm


Poor little rich girl

Arrives 2nd of Summer.

Bianca is indifferent to gifts, at best.

Bonus LP: Talk to her once a day.

Constellation Event: Elephant, Summer, around 7pm

General Schedule:

Weekdays: Mostly at her house or in the Library.

Holidays: In the town square in the afternoon.

Festivals: In front of her house.

Bath times: everyday at 10pm

Bianca will leave in the fall if you haven’t set off the event that changes this.


Scientist fisherwoman

Arrives after Kanno talks to you about his granddaughters, when he’s inside the clock tower (between 9-11am).

Birthday: 26th of Spring

Likes: Magic Crystal

Easiest like: uncooked fish

Bonus LP: See a constellation, then report to her.

Constellation Event: Fish, Winter, around 2am.

General Schedule:

Weekdays: At the Clock Tower, or, if sunny, fishing at the lake, beach, and your farm. In summer, she’s at the beach.

Holidays: On the mountain road.

Festivals: area of the festival or in town when not participating.

Bath times: Everyday 6pm


Innkeeper’s daughter

Available after Stella’s quest to deliver the Bamboo Shoot.

Birthday: 17th of Autumn

Loves: Flowers

Also likes: sweets, except during diet

Bonus LP: Cooking (One bonus a day).

Constellation Event: Broom, Autumn, around midnight

General Schedule:

Weekdays: Mainly in front of the Inn, inside the bar when it rains, then in the Materia shop after 3pm. In her room at night.

Holidays: at the Inn, or, in summer, at the beach.

Festivals: in town if not participating.

Bath times: Holidays, 3pm, 6-7pm other days.

Iris, Blanche and Noir


Iris Blanche (also called White Iris, or Iris White) is accessible after the Tower on the Fin of the Whale is unlocked. Iris Noir (also called Black Iris, or Iris Black) appears after an event on the 3rd floor of the Snow Ruins.

Birthday: 23rd of Winter

Loves: Tomato juice

Easiest like: Any flower.

Dislikes: Garlic

Bonus LP: –

Constellation Event: After you’ve finished the main storyline

Blanche: Whale, 15-16th Full Moon, midnight

Noir: Scorpion, 1 & 30th New Moon, midnight

General Schedule: At the tower on Whale Island’s Fin.


Sister Nurse

The day after the Mist is Sick event (which happens 4th of Spring, if you talk to Stella that day) Lara will appear outside your house, and stay in the village afterward.

Birthday: 1st of Winter

Loves: Chocolate cake

Easiest like: strawberry, jams

Bonus LP: ?

Minus LP: Getting killed or collapsing while working.

Constellation Event: Cross, Winter, around 8pm

General Schedule:

Weekdays: Mostly at the clinic or Church. After the Studying Magic event, will be at the Clock Tower.

Festivals: if not participating, she’s in the meadow near the Clock tower.

Bath times: Holidays 6pm, 7pm other days


Might have been a mage, if not for her bath obsession

Available after you’ve found her in the Whale Depths.

Birthday: 11th of Spring

Loves: Relax Tea

Easiest like: any herbal grasses

Dislikes: Mayonnaise

Bonus LP: Take a bath.

Constellation Event: Hat, Autumn, around 8pm

General Schedule:

Weekdays: Mostly in the bath house, at the beach some sunny mornings, will be at the Clock Tower after the Studying Magic event.

Holidays: On the mountain road.

Festivals: In the meadow near the Clock Tower when not participating.

Bath times: Everyday, midnight


Mild-mannered girl next door

Available from beginning.

Birthday: 1st of Autumn

Loves: Emery Flower

Easiest like: Turnip

Hates: Pickled Turnip

Bonus LP: Till soil on your farm. You get bonuses the first time you reach certain levels of tilled field.

Constellation Event: Turnip, Spring, around 7pm.

General Schedule:

Weekdays: Mostly at her house in the mornings and evenings, during the day she’s at your house or, in summers, at the beach. Rainy mornings she can be found at the Inn, and rainy days inside your house.

Holidays: at the Church in the morning, then at her house.

Festivals: if not participating, she’s beside the beach road, across from her house.

Bath times: from 7-8pm on holidays, at 9pm other days.

You must finish main storyline before you can marry her.


Dedicated shopkeeper

Available from the beginning. Meet her at your farm, around five pm.

Birthday: 21st of Autumn

Loves: Roasted Yam

Easiest like: strawberry

Dislikes: milk

Bonus LP: Be there when she clears out your shipping box. (She doesn’t like when it’s empty, or contains only weeds or scrap iron.)

Constellation Event: Serpent, Spring, around 9pm

General Schedule:

Weekdays: Before she opens her store she’s at Mist’s house or the town square. After she opens, she’ll be at her store. Comes to your farm at 5pm daily to pick up your shipment.

Holidays: Town Square.

Festivals: Across the beach road from Mist’s house, when not participating.

Bath times: Holidays at 11pm, 9pm other days.


Might love books a little too much

Appears the day following Lara and stays in the village afterward.

Birthday: 3rd of Autumn

Loves: Sandwich

Easiest like: Rice ball

Dislikes: Jewelry

Bonus LP: Read the books on the shelves of the Rune Archive for the first time.

Constellation Event: Crown, Spring, midnight.

General Schedule:

Weekdays: Mostly at the library.

Festivals: When not participating, she’s in town.

Bath times: Rainy days at 4pm, sunny days at 11pm


Bianca’s devoted maid

Arrives 2nd of Summer.

Birthday: 12th of Autumn

Loves: Porridge, Oatmeal

Easiest like: Apple, Flour

Dislikes: Sashimi

Bonus LP: Having many well-cared for monsters in your barn.

Constellation Event: Wooly, Summer, around 9pm.

General Schedule:

Weekdays: Mostly at the Town Square or outside your barn in the mornings, in Bianca’s mansion for lunch, then at Materia after 3pm.

Holidays: Town Square.

Festivals: In front of the mansion, when not participating.

Bath time: everyday at 10pm.

Tabatha will leave in the fall if you haven’t set off the event that changes this.


Visitor from afar

Enter the Inn around mid-Spring.

Birthday: 15th of Summer

Loves: Golden Hairpin

Easiest like: Fish

Dislikes: Vegetables

Bonus LP: The first time you defeat each boss.

Constellation Event: Hairpin, Winter, around 6pm

General Schedule:

Weekdays: Mostly training outside the Inn in the morning, or fishing at the town square, lake, or beach. Rainy days, she’s in her room at the Inn.

Holidays: at the Inn.

Festivals: If not participating, she’s in town.

Bath times: Everyday at 8pm.



Appears 1st of Autumn.

Birthday: 17th of Spring

Loves: Apple Pie

Dislikes: Pumpkin

General Schedule:

Mostly near his house or yours, occasionally next to the road to the observatory.


Appears after Kanno asks you to get his granddaughters.

Birthday: 27th of Spring

Loves: Juices

Easiest like: Juices

Dislikes: Insect Hide

General Schedule:

Mostly at the Clock Tower, or playing with Marco at the blacksmith shop. In summers, is often at the beach.

Festivals: at the pond near Mist’s house.

Bath time: Everyday at 6pm.


Available after you take Ganesha’s money to him during the Bamboo Shoot delivery quest chain from Stella.

Birthday: 6th of Summer

Loves: Silver

Likes: Quality Cloth

Dislikes: Tomato

General Schedule:

Usually tending shop when his store is open.

Festivals: near his shop when not participating.

Bath times: Sunny days at 11pm.


Enter his farm at Danny’s request, during the Bamboo Shoot quest chain from Stella.

Birthday: 23rd of Summer

Loves: Garlic

Easiest Likes: Strawberry, Pineapple

Dislikes: Turnips, chocolate, jam

General Schedule:

Usually at his farm. If you’re having trouble finding him tending the counter, try at noon.

Festivals: In the Church district, right beside the town entrance, if not participating.

Bath time: sunny days at 11pm.

During Winter, you can give him a fish a day and receive a dried fish from him the following day.


Unlocked during Stella’s Bamboo Shoot delivery quest chain.

Birthday: 8th of Winter

Loves: Demon blood

Easiest like: Ores

Dislikes: Wool

General Schedule:

At her shop. In the evenings she can sometimes be found at the tavern.

Festival days: In town when not participating.

Bath event: Every week day, 7pm


Appears 7th of Spring.

Birthday: 8th of Autumn

Loves: Magic powder

Likes: Cakes

Dislikes: Scrap iron


Available from the beginning, find him standing outside his house in the south part of the village.

Birthday: 2nd of Spring

Loves: Cat’s Tail

Easiest like: Warrior medal

Dislikes: Curry powder, flour

Schedule: Sunny days, 9am-6pm is in or around his house.

Sunny Holidays and Festivals, 9am to noon he’s by your shipping box on your farm.

Noon to 6pm he’s at the church. At 6pm he goes back to his house.

Rainy and Snowy days: 9am to 3pm he’s at the church. After 3pm he’s usually at his house.

Get his friendship to 4 to start the chain of events that causes Brodik to leave town.


Appears first Thursday or Holiday.

Birthday: 13th of Summer

Loves: Chocolate

Easiest like: Milk

Dislikes: Fish

You can only find him on sunny Thursdays (at the lake), Holidays (town square), and Festivals (outside the church).


Unlocked same time as Ganesha, in the Bamboo Shoot delivery quest, though he’s not involved in it.

Birthday: 29th of Winter

Loves: Curry anything

Easiest like: Curry powder

Dislikes: Bell pepper


Appears after Tabatha has 6 LP.

Birthday: 15th of Winter

Loves: Flop

Dislikes: Accessories

Will not appear if Tabatha and Bianca leave at end of Summer.


Appears after the bath house opens.

Birthday: 8th of Spring

Loves: Wine

Easiest like: Strawberry

Dislikes: Squid

General Schedule:

Only available on ordinary, sunny days, from 3-9pm, at the bath house.


Available after Stella’s Bamboo Shoot delivery quest.

Birthday: 22nd of Winter

Loves: Accessories, Wine

Easiest like: Cheap bracelet

Dislikes: Fish

Bath time: Holidays, 3pm

General Schedule:

Usually in the Inn. Evenings she tends the tavern.

Festivals, she and Turner are usually out on the pier at the beach, unless they are participating.


Available from the beginning.

Birthday: 27th of Summer

Loves: Four leaf clover

Easiest like: Toy Herb

Dislikes: Warrior medal

General Schedule:

Usually at the church. Sometimes in the tavern in the evening.

Holidays: at Lake Poli

Festivals: Near Kross’ house, unless she is participating.


Available after you’ve entered the Inn to deliver the Bamboo Shoot from Stella.

Birthday: 22nd of Spring

Loves: Great swimsuit

Easiest like: Ores

Dislikes: Scrap iron

General Schedule:

Is usually in the Inn, or Tavern.

Festivals he tends to spend on the pier at the beach with Rita, unless they are participating.

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