Rune Factory Frontier Storyline Walkthrough

1) Water the sprout to open Whale Island.

2) Talk to Mist until she mentions dreams and says she will ask them to visit you.

3) Mow Mist’s yard at her request. Walk right up to what you find there, to “discover” the Green Ruins. As you work on the rest of this list, you will also need to be fully exploring the Green Ruins, defeating its boss to move on to the Lava Ruins, completing the Lava Ruins, and opening the Snow Ruins. Explore the Snow Ruins until you find the locked door on floor 3. This is as far as you need to go into these dungeons for the storyline. It’s going to take awhile, and a lot of levels. (If you need help figuring out how or where to open one of the other Ruins, check my FAQ.)

4) Go near the tower on Whale Island’s Fin after 6pm to see a cutscene.

5) Talk to Rosetta until she mentions moondrops and moonlight. Buy a bag of moondrop seed from her, and go back to the Fin. Right outside the tower is a small farming plot. Walk across it to see your character remember Rosetta’s conversation. Plant the moondrops there, and care for them until they bloom. Don’t pick them yet.

6) After they’ve produced a rune, return to the tower after 6pm to see a new cutscene. You can pick them now, and begin to use them to befriend the girl. You have to have begun this process to continue, but you don’t actually have to have even one complete friendship point with her to move on.

7) Mist will mention finding a strange seed. Visit her home in the morning when she’s watering plants to see it.

8) Dream.

9) Return to the tower on the Fin at night, to see a new cutscene. A man will leave the tower and go through the previously-locked gate into other areas of Whale Island. The way will now be open for you to do the same.

10) Make your way through the Whale Island Flank area to find the Whale Island Tree. Your character will remark on it.

11) The next time you visit the Whale Island Tree, your character will notice the Rune is smaller.

12) Talk to Kanno about it.

13) Dream.

14) Return to the locked door on floor 3 of the Snow Ruins.

15) Boss battle.

16) Talk to the Whale.

17) Talk to the girl in the tower on the Fin.

18) Talk to Kanno.

19) Return to the door on the 3rd floor of the Snow Ruins. It’s locked again.

20) Go to the cemetery beside the church. Cutscene. Go after Marco.

21) Find the book within.

22) Give the book to Kanno, and wait for him to translate it. It will take a few days.

23) Kanno will give you flower seeds. Give one to each maiden, to grow for you. This will take another few days.

24) Retrieve the flowers, and put each on the altar on the bottom floor of the Clock Tower.

25) Nothing happens, and you and Kanno figure out why. Wasn’t there another strange flower…?

26) Go to Mist’s house and check her plant she was growing. Take it to the Clock Tower and put it on the altar.

27) Portal opens. You can choose to prepare before using it. Go in prepared for major Boss Battle.

Credits will roll when you’re done. Don’t worry, it will let you resume game play when the credits are finished.

Brodik’s Storyline Walkthrough

With events, but minimal spoilers.

His mischief seems to advance when you talk to him. I ignored him until winter and he caused me no mischief at all until I did.

First he knocks on your door in the dead of night, and runs away.

Next he loads your shipping box with rocks, and Rosetta will gripe at you about it.

Then he will destroy your crops, but only in seasons you have crops in the field. If you wait til winter to talk to him, he’ll wait til spring to destroy your crop.

If you befriend Kross to 4fp or higher, you’ll unlock chain of events that will reveal much more to you about Kross, and Brodik. You’ll know this worked when you see a cutscene of Kross pushing a big rock across his field.

Later Brodik will block your door with a rock, and Kross will help you by moving it away.

A few days after this, you’ll find a Golem in your fields.

If you catch Anette outside Brodik’s house delivering his mail, you’ll find out he was seen gathering rocks. The next time you talk to Brodik he will deny it, then be surprised you say you believe him. This and your mention of friendship sends him into seclusion to contemplate things.

Talk to Anette the next month to find out he’s been depressed. The following day, you’ll get a letter from Brodik with a challenge. Go prepared for a boss fight. Defeat his challenge, and in the morning he’ll send you another. Defeat that one, and he’ll leave town.

(Copyright April 13, 2009.  Originally published on  At Squidoo’s close, I moved my guides here.  This blog is the only site with permission to display this walkthrough.  If you find it helpful and want to share, please pass on a link rather than copying.  Thank you.)

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