Wild Hunter Quick FAQ

Maplestory Wild Hunter Maplestory’s Wild Hunters were recently released.  Here’s a quick FAQ to answer the most frequent questions people have.

How do I make a Wild Hunter? You have to roll a new character from the character creation screen.

How do I capture a jaguar? When you take the Wild Hunter job, two new skills are added to your starter skill tab, just scroll down on that screen to find capture.  Hit your chosen jaguar once or twice to lower their health bar and then use your capture skill.

Where do I get a recovery chair? Resistance fighters receive a recovery chair from Surl’s water quest, I think it becomes available at level 18.  That seems like a long time, as the other classes get theirs in their tutorial quests, but if you’re doing all the quests in Edelstein this actually shouldn’t take long.

How do I complete Surl’s Water Thief Quest? The door is locked! The storage door locks when someone’s already in there dropping off water, so just wait and keep trying.  It will let you in when they’re done.

How do I find the entrance to Resistance HQ? The Headquarters entrance is a portal in a pipe just to the right of Belle the Officer, in Edelstein.

How do I get to Edelstein from Victoria Island? At Six Path Crossroad, climb up the tree in the center of the screen.  The portals for ships to Orbis, Ereve, and Edelstein are all hiding up there.


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