Ether Saga Odyssey

ESOWhat is Ether Saga? It’s an English-language, massively multiplayer online role playing game released by Perfect World Entertainment. With lush graphics, in an anime style, it’s a gorgeous world to play in.

Ether Saga is free to play, and cash shop supported. The cash shop is known as the Heaven Repository. In addition to the usual charging of a currency account using real money or prepaid cards, we also have the option to trade in-game gold for etherbucks. Visit the Pokari Broker for this.

The cash shop is well done, in that while the offered items enhance your experience, without them you are still playing a whole, well-crafted game.

Ether Saga Gameplay Basics

In character creation, you get a choice of various classes, divided between three pre-set races. Each new character receives a starting pet, as pets play a large role in-game. Not only do they serve as companions, they offer abilities to enhance your character.

When designing your character, you can choose either gender. You’re offered several choices in hair style and color, as well as facial features.

The birthdate you choose for your character determines three bonus (nascent) skills you attain as you level, and these can be powerful, helpful, or useless depending on what you get and how you plan to play. Unfortunately, the old guides referring to the best nascient skills depend upon your race, which is pre-Odyssey. It’s not easy to find post-Odyssey updated information.

The game does a fair job of walking you through the first levels. Two systems you might encounter before the quests to explain them are Vocations (jobs) and capturing pets. Just wait a bit, and those quests will come along. No need to buy nets for capturing new pets as soon as you hit level 15.

Ether Saga leveling is quest driven. You’ll get far more xp grabbing all the bulletin board quests you can & following the main quests. No need to grind low-level critters. In fact, I leveled from 1-20 in two evening game sessions.

Classes in ESO

Conjurer: Uses Elemental Magics.

Dragoon: Spear-wielding warrior.

Hellion: Dual-axe wielding warrior with rage attacks.

Maven: Scepter-wielding magic user who casts blessings and curses.

Mystic: Uses Healing and reviving magics.

Ranger: Bow-wielder with elemental skill.

Rogue: Stealthy dagger-wielder.

Shaman: Short-range physical attack, buffs, and dark effects.

For a more in-depth look at each class, with answers to common questions like build and pet advice, see my Ether Saga Online Class Guide.

(AKA Vocations)

In Pokari City, Roki the Woodsman teaches gathering skills, and Bolo the Craftsman teaches all crafting vocations except Petcraft. In Gau’s Fazenda, Molon the Book teaches Petcraft.

You can only have two vocations at a time, but can forget one at will if you wish to replace it with another.

Crafting Skills

Guardian Forging
class: Shaman, Dragoon
gathering skill: Mining

Scout Crafting
class: Ranger, Rogue
gathering skill: Woodcutting

Arcane Tailoring
class: Mystic, Conjurer
gathering skill: Hunting

gathering skill: Foraging

gathering skill: Foraging

gathering skill: Foraging, Mining


eso monkey petEach character starts with a pet. Additional pets are given as quest rewards. At level 15 you can begin taming your own pets.

Pets fight beside you in battle or fuse with your character to give additional strengths. Each has food it likes which will refill its life or belly (hunger) meter.

When you catch a pet, they have random bonuses and personality. The temperaments Fierce, Clever, and Calm are desirable for different reasons. Clever pets can heal. Fierce pets are aggressive. Calm pets negate enemy abilities.

Playerkilling & PVP

You can challenge someone to a duel by right-clicking on them and choosing duel.

After level 45, characters enter a permanent state of open PK (player killing enabled). You can only playerkill someone who is also level 45 or higher. There are, however, consequences for random playerkilling, so you needn’t fear being killed indiscriminately.

If you prefer not to deal with PK at all, there are PVE-only (player vs. environment) realms.

The PK system has penalties for killing unprovoked, and uses colored name coding. Attacking or killing white name players earns infamy. Attacking a white name player turns your name orange. Killing a white name player gives you a red name. White name players have no infamy and will not drop items if killed. The lower level your victim is, the higher the infamy penalty for PKing them.

PK penalties:

Red name players will drop in-bag and equipped items every time they die.

They lose 5% experience when they die, until their exp reaches 0.

Infamy greater than 5 causes the player to move more slowly.

Will lose mana more easily when infamy is greater than 5.

Red names will be attacked by city guards.

Ether Saga has recently added alliances and Territory Wars, with new pets, pet items, and gems available as part of the new territory war rewards system.

How To Get Married in Ether Saga

Both at least level 30.

What to do:

Form a party with your intended, and see the Eldest Matchmaker in Pokari city for the marriage quest. You’ll be married after you finish the quest, which takes Marriage Packs to complete. The packs can be purchased in the Heaven Repository.

Marriage Benefits:
Status Notice: You will be notified when your spouse logs in or out.
Embrace: Animation “Embrace” available.
Bond of Love: A Lover’s Memento allows you to teleport to your spouse.

Vital Keyboard Shortcuts

Press “M” to see what NPCs, resources, and other locations of note are around you. You can auto run to anything listed by double clicking on it.

Press “O” to see your crafting skills.

Press “L” to access the on-screen game-play guide.

Helpful Websites

Ether Saga Official Website
Your journey in Ether Saga begins here, at the official homepage. Their community forums are your best source for class discussions and quest help.

Ether Saga Official Guides
Although few, the official guides are in-depth.  They are your best resources outside of the in-game guide.

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