Nosgoth LogoNosgoth is a F2P competitive, team-based PVP, “3rd person shooter” from Psyonix (published by Square Enix) currently in closed beta as of this writing. The game is focused on asymmetric play between two factions, Humans (who are specialized in ranged combat) and vampires (who are melee specialists). The game is set in the eponymous setting of Nosgoth, best known from the Legacy of Kain franchise, although knowledge of the setting isn’t required (long story short: Humans and Vampires fought, Humans lost and were enslaved, Vampire King disappears and Vampire clans fight each other, Humans rise up forcing Vamps to work together again).

A new player is given access to four classes (2 Human and 2 Vampire): The Hunter and The Alchemist, and The Tyrant and The Reaver. The Hunter and the Tyrant are their respective factions “heavies”, while the Alchemist is a zone control class and the Reaver is a glass cannon. Four additional classes (2 per faction) are available to be unlocked every five levels (The Sentinel and Deceiver for the Vampires, and the Scout and Prophet for the Humans). The Deceiver and Scout are the equivalent of the Alchemist and Reaver respectively, while the Sentinel can glide and drop on opponents and the Prophet has AoE and buff abilities.

As you can expect, being a F2P game, Nosgoth has an in-game store where you can spend real money to unlock in-game items. From my initial perusal of the store offerings nothing stood out to me as being “pay-to-win”, almost everything on offer can be purchased with currency earned through playing.

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