A Parent Review of the Littlest Pet Shop Wii Games

Littlest Pet Shop Wii LogoEA and Hasbro did a lot right with their first Littlest Pet Shop Wii game.

Kids get to help their virtual pets play with toys and mini games, dress them up in clothes and accessories, feed and care for them, and take them exploring.

The art mimics the look of the toys very well. They’re adorable! My daughter, as a devoted LPS fan, had a blast with hers.

Read on for my thoughts on the Littlest Pet Shop – Nintendo Wii game.

My Littlest Pet Shop Wii Game Review

Depending on the reading level of your child, you may need to help with reading the tasks and requests. Other than that, they should be fine on their own. The game is meant for kids in the 6-10 year old age range and fits it well.

Playing mini games earns kibble (coins) which can be spent on train tickets to get the newly unlocked pets, or in buying accessories, clothes, and more toys and mini games. While it’s fairly simple for children to finish the tasks that eventually open all the areas and new pets, the open-ended play from there is still suited and interesting to the target age group.

This is one of the best games I’ve seen for the Wii for my seven-year-old. It’s cute, the world includes several different environments, and there are a lot of mini games to play. It’s given her hours of happy entertainment, so I consider our money well spent on this game.

The only thing I didn’t like was the heavy emphasis on consumerism – unlocking new pets and many of the tasks involve buying something. Still, she was able to figure most of the game out herself, loves playing, and now that she has everything unlocked, can just play with them, dress them up, and have fun, without needing to buy more “stuff.”


LPS Game Secrets

For the Wii

Giraffe Pet

Register your game to get the code that unlocks the giraffe pet.

Lost your booklet? The code is: LPSGIR

Unlocking Pets and Worlds

Completing the tasks the game asks you to will eventually get all possible pets (other than the giraffe) and periodically open the locked worlds.


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