Six Flags Fun Park For Wii – A Parent’s Review

Six Flags Fun Park for the Wii is a fun, easily theme-able family game for 1-4 players.  It’s a good fit for a kids’ Halloween party or any Wii family game party. I picked it up one Christmas and immediately my kids, at three, four, and eight years old, got a lot of play out of it.  Also awesome: their dad and I enjoyed playing, too.

One thing I think a lot of reviewers miss about family games in general is that they’re intended to be easy and not too complicated. They have to be fun for the kids while still being interesting enough they’re not a snoozefest for the parents. In Six Flags Fun Park, they handle the difference in age range and skill levels by being kooky and funny, and tossing in elements of chance to keep winning from being purely about skill. They do it pretty well.   

The mini games are short bursts of silly fun you can queue up to suit your family’s taste, leaving out those you don’t feel like playing and repeating favorites. My kids enjoy setting up their own queues and playing through. With 40+ mini games to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

You can theme the queue by choosing only games from a certain area of the park, making it a fun party game choice for themed parties, like using the Fright Fest mini games for a Halloween party.

There is a single player mode, with a little bit of a story/quest to it. A player can create a character and run around the park helping workers at the carnival with various problems, which eventually unlocks more mini games. My eight-year-old was very engaged by this aspect of the game and played it quite a lot, collecting in-game prizes, new items for her character to wear, and unlocking the new games.

If you like goofball humor and are looking for a fun, silly family game to play with the kids or for the kids to play together, this is your game.

Six Flags Fishing

The fishing game was the promised feature of Six Flags Fun Park that got me to buy it over other family & party Wii games. My four-year-old loves video game fishing and I wanted a game with a cartoony, fun fishing mini game. We weren’t disappointed; he has a blast with it.

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