Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is an incredibly complex massively multiplayer pay to play game in which the player captains a ship in space known from the television programs.  You can visit DS9, or interact with alien lifeforms from the original series, and oh, so much more.  In the screenshot above, the little dark ship is mine, and the larger ship is the classic Enterprise.  To give more away would spoil the surprises in the mission, so I’ll just say it’s a real treat for anyone with even a passing interest in Star Trek.

We had so much fun with this one we bought a lifetime subscription before it was even out of beta, and the content they’ve rolled out since has not disappointed.

Missions can take players into space battle, ground explorations, or rescue work on other ships.  There is Player Versus Player action for those who want it, in controlled areas so those who prefer to play versus the environment aren’t affected by it.

Currency comes in several forms.  There are Energy Credits, which are obtained by selling the dropped loot to venders.  PvPers get medals that can be exchanged for goods.  Exploration missions earn Exploration Badges that can be exchanged to specialized venders for gear, as well.

The Crafting/Research/Upgrade system is just one of the very detailed aspects of the game.  Players come across anomalies while playing that can be harvested for “data” that can then be turned in at Memory Alpha to upgrade goods.  The system has three tiers, taking the act of upgrading to an unspecified amount to reach the next tier.  Check this Crafting Guide for more details.

Other resources a new player will find vastly helpful are:

Star Trek Online Frequently Asked Questions

Starfleet Academy, the guide section of the Official Forums.


Are you playing? What do you think of the game?

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