Torchlight is a pc game that has everything I loved about Fate: loads of loot, a useful pet companion, randomized dungeons, and lots of hack and slash.  The option to play using just my mouse was most important, too.  (With three preschoolers, it’s not unusual for me to be playing with a child sleeping on my lap.)

The setting is your familiar fantasy-based world, with steampunk elements.  The archer ranged class, called the Vanquisher, can also use guns, for example, and the magic ranged class, called the Alchemist, can summon robots.


There are only three classes (the Destroyer, a melee fighter who can call ancestral spirits, is the third) and no appearance customization options at all on character creation, but, just like with Fate, the game’s so fun I really didn’t care.  The Vanquisher is female, so they gave women gamers that, at least.

Torchlight Vanquisher with Lynx Pet

Torchlight Vanquisher with Lynx Pet

The development team is made up of key people who created Diablo and Fate, so comparisons and similarities are natural.  I appreciated that they kept what made Fate the fun game it is while updating it so it doesn’t feel like you might as well just play the original.

They’ve made it very mod-friendly.  The official forums have an active mod forum, and there are quite a videos of mods showing up on YouTube.

According to Wiki, they’re planning to release a free-to-play Torchlight MMO in association with Perfect World Co., Ltd.  I can’t wait to try that.

Have you played Torchlight?  What did you think?  Is it a worthy successor to Diablo and Fate?

Demo on Steam
Official Mod Forum

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