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Best Playstation 3 RPGs

If you’re looking for a great adventure you might have missed, this is your list. These PS3 titles are time-tested, beloved┬árole-playing experiences. You can count on them to give you many hours of entertainment and still have you coming back…

Cheats for Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption has a few true cheat codes, which can be entered by going to the options menu and selecting “Cheats”, then Y (Xbox 360) or Triangle (PS3), and typing in the code. Here’s the list of Redemption cheats:

Lucha Libre AAA 2010: Heroes del Ring

Fan of Lucha Libre? The Mexican style of pro wrestling known for its quick sequences of holds and moves as well as its daredevil dives (and of course colorful ornate masks) is getting its own game, Lucha Libre AAA 2010:…